Christopher Atkins: Nude and Naked

In the long and glorious history of Hollywood twinks, no one is more fondly remembered that Christopher Atkins, boy star of “The Blue Lagoon” in which he swam effortlessly into the collective (and over-heated) memories of millions of young gay men. Incredibly, when you consider he’s pushing 50, he’s still totally in-shape and looking plenty hot. Here’s a little gallery to remember him in his glory days:

Lots more Chris Atkins nude

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2 Responses to “Christopher Atkins: Nude and Naked”

  1. a sweets lover says:

    Christopher Atkins is so beautiful! I thank God for his gorgeous body. Chris is so generous to share it with his fans.

  2. Derek says:

    Christopher Atkins was,and remains,my #1 masturbatory pop culture cornerstone!Wanks for the memories Chris!

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